April 15, 2023
Dave Bautista in Knock At Cabin Door coming to cinemas 3rd February 2023

Listen To The Chronicle Film Podcast Episode 1


Chronicles In Film is my other film website, which started back in 2016. It started as a place to archive my own reviews, articles, rants and other podcast episodes.  As many will know thanks to my weekly spot on internet radio show Scary Monsters And Super Geeks on Voodoo Radio Online I’m now reviewing many new releases. Some I share here, the rest on Chronicles In Film or even both and this week I started The Chronicle.

The Chronicle is the podcast for my Chronicles In Film. I know I’ve been working to get The Peoples Movies onto the podcast circuit, I still do. I’ve been a critic on many other podcasts, but as a host I am new to so what better place to test things.

There’s one simple rule that chat is only about film (old and new), Streaming and television. That maybe a review, retrospective, feature or a rant, no set running time or set number of reviews.

For the debut episode I review Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale and M.Night Shyamalan‘s Knock At The Cabin.

Love to know your thoughts on the new episode, with the aim to record new episodes every 1-2 weeks. enjoy the movies! I’m already working on episode 2, for now do enjoy this episode!