April 15, 2023

Netflix Review – Extraction (2020)


Beginning in the middle of a battle zone on a bridge holding tight but obviously injured, we meet Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) military combat mission specialist seemingly ready to pounce, then as the viewer is about to fear the worst, the film takes us back to three days earlier.

It is a low point within his life, drinking to excess, free jumping off cliffs and dreaming about his young son who has since passed away.

Tyler is thrown a job offer by fellow soldier of fortune Nik Kahn (played by the stringent Golshifteh Farahani) to rescue a kidnapped child of an imprisoned crime lord by rival criminals in Dhaka.

In a race against time facing off with corrupt police and a barrage of streetwise adversaries in one of the most impenetrable cities in the world things get cracking and Tyler kicks ass in order to survive himself whilst keeping the disillusioned kid alive.

They form a bond along the way where trust between the two in desperate circumstances becomes vital.
First time feature director Sam Hargrave is an established second unit maestro and stunt wrangler on many a blockbuster so his talent is really on show here.

Authentic locations through the dusty crowded streets of India and jungles of Thailand add to action credibility as does some at times incredibly exciting cinematography wildly panning around, or in and through then out of moving vehicles would have been choice on a cinema screen.

This medium budget Netflix film is certainly reasonable high stakes action entertainment albeit some of the intricate plot points have been used before in any number of kidnapping scenarios past and present.

Taking time out from Hawkins, Indiana (Strangers Things) there’s an extended cameo from David Harbour significantly matching brute Rake in a physical confrontation which in turn reflects a minor twist to the story that many may see coming.

With the highlight being the exhilaratingly constructed car chase and challenges of bloodshed showing off top notch fight choreography (although not quite on the level of John Wick or Atomic Blonde) it is also good to hear Australian Chris Hemsworth use his own accent complete with a touch of down under slang.

Shane A.Bassett (@Movie_Analyst )| ★★ 1/2

Action | 15 | USA, 2020 | 24th April 2020 | Netflix Originals | Dir.Sam Hargrave | Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Rudhraksh Jaiswal